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With the rapid growth in video wall installations, we have developed a full trade support service for integrators taking advantage of this market with products supplied by AVM.  Our technical team will co-ordinate our own staff or our trusted partners to ensure smooth delivery throughout.


Budgetary quotation

We provide quotes as hardware only supply, with the optional installation services clearly marked. This way you can pick and choose how much or little of our service you need.  Quotations are free.

Site visit

If your customer wants to go ahead, we arrange a site survey. This will ascertain cable runs, power requirements and other logistical matters. We’ll work with any chosen electrical contractors or interior t out companies to ensure the project runs smoothly. You’ll be assigned a project manager at this stage and a full scope of works will be produced.

Site Surveys are free.

Project Management is charged by an agreed amount of days required to deliver the project. Pricing will be in the quotation.

On site demonstration

On-site demonstrations of proposed installed products can be arranged subject to availability and feasibility. Occasionally, we may request to take to you or your client to our manufacturer’s showrooms to show fully installed systems which will closely match your required solution.

Scope of works

Before any works commence, you’ll receive a Scope of Work report detailing responsibilities for all parties involved in the installation process. This will also advise on timelines required to meet your client’s deadline. This helps everyone understand their own requirements during the installation process.

Project Planning

Project management

All of the engineers have extensive project management experience and can with this experience advise realistic delivery schedules and manage all of the associated trades to provide a professionally managed and delivered project.

Structural survey inc HVAC and ME

If your customer does not have preferred suppliers we will appoint an independent Structural Survey engineer to inspect the proposed site and confirm that works may begin. We will also supply drawings to the engineer for submittal. Structural Surveys are chargeable. Drawings are free.

CAD and renders

We are happy to assist with site survey and project design and are able to offer additional services* such as CAD renders to help your clients visualise the project and help you to secure the deal.
*Services may be chargeable.

LED Install


Cabling, infrastructure, HVAC & ME Installation

If required, we will co-ordinate our contractors to install cable and infrastructure. The installation of wall mounted frames designed for your installation will be completed
by our own contractors. Installation is chargeable.

Structural installation

Leave the co-ordination of the installation of the supplied structural frame for your video wall to us, so that your engineers can get on with other important duties. The frame will be custom made to suit your customer’s exact requirements, and we can even include options for curved wall applications.

Hardware installation

We will install the LED wall to the frame provided and cable the tiles accordingly, including connection to the relevant power feeds.


Commissioning, testing and certification

Once the wall is built the system will be tested, calibrated and certified for use. This service is chargeable.

System sign-off

For all supplied systems, we will run through a series of test criteria and check lists to make sure the installation meets your required standards. Your warranty will begin once the site is certified as complete.


We can provide you with full training on the installed video wall system, including any components supplied as part of the signal management/video processing.

Content provision

Working with our approved partners, we can provide full content provision for your video wall application. The service includes a site consultation visit, discussion with your customer and a tailored quotation. Site meeting and consultation is free.


We can provide Service Level Agreements on our video walls including back up provision with fixed response times. These services are chargeable.