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DEXON Systems Ltd. is the developer and manufacturer of advanced video wall controllers for multi-screen video display projects. DEXON Systems have grown to be leading video wall technology and solution supplier from the date of its establishment in 1990. Works in close cooperation with system integrator and end-user partners worldwide. DEXON Systems have thousands of working multi-image display walls and control rooms all over the world today.

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DIMAX Family

Introducing industry's first 4K scaling, seamless, PiP matrix family, DEXON Systems® provide high quality, intelligent matrix switchers to handle min. 4 input and 4 output signals up to 16 input and 16 output signals in demanding AV projects. The modular units accept different format of input signals, switch and scale them to the required output resolution.

Professional scaling and format conversion make the product an essential part of AV projects where different signals must be processed, switched and presented. Advanced signal processing provide the highest quality and crystal clear video picture without loss of frames. Seamless switching, transition effects, up- or down-scaling and PIP visualisation services make the product unique on the market. Easy-to-use set up and control can be accessed through push buttons, by local connected keyboard, mouse and monitor or remotely via LAN connection.

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Dimax Dexon

Expandable from 4x4 to 64 x 64

640 x 480 to 4K input and output resolution support

Seamless switching to output channels

PIP of second input on output channels

HDCP 2.2 support

Asymmetric system design

Support for all source types including HDBaseT and Fibre

Easy to use control platform


DIVIP Family

The modular units handle all industry standard video input signals, HDMI up to 4K resolution, scale them to the desired resolution and map them to the required position over the video wall surface. Professional scaling, individual arrangement of windows, Picture-In-Picture (PIP) option, seamless switching and transition effects make the product an essential central part of AV installations such as digital signage or control room projects. Advanced signal processing provides the highest scaling quality and crystal clear video picture with guaranteed real time visualisation.

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Support for all input types used including HDBaseT and Fibre

Support for resolutions upto 4K

Expandable from 4x4 to 64x64 configurations

Asymmetric system design

Adaptive de-interlacing of sources

High quality scaling and down scaling of source inputs

HDCP 2.2 support

Seamless switching


DXN5000 Series Family

Multi-display visualization is essential part of many supervision, control and digital signage applications, where real-time operation and shared information are critical. At DEXON Systems all the experience from the past 20 years of video wall production and the feedbacks of our customers to design our new generation video wall controller family, the DXN5000.

These units not only control video wall, but also process and display multiple analogue or digital, SD or HD, local or remote video inputs, 4K HDMI inputs, IP Cameras and display workstations' monitor images. The DXN5000 controllers apply multiple Express Crossbars for the full digital display of digital and analogue input sources in real time. The easy-to-use DEXON controllers are characterized by superior design, excellent price/performance balance and high reliability. Experience the most effective workflow with DEXON Systems video wall controllers!

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All input types support includeing HDBaseT and Fibre

Support for resolutions upto 4K

HDCP 2.2 support

Full audio matrix for embeded and analogue audio

Easy to use control interface

Redundant options

Arbitary window positioning

Designed for 24/7 operation


Universal Extenders

DEXON Systems provide high quality universal scaling switchers for demanding AV projects. The standalone scalers accept different format of input signals, switch and scale them to the required output resolution through standard DVI/HDMI connector. All current industrial standards and signal formats are supported.
The format and frame rate conversion make the product essential part of AV projects. Professional input signal processing and scaling provide the highest quality and crystal clear video picture on the output without loss of frames.

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Multi-format input signals

High quality up and down scaling

Format and frame-rate conversion

Audio embed and de-embed

3D adaptive comb-filtering

3D noise reduction

DVI, SDI, HDBaseT and Optical output options