DVIGear is a leading supplier of Digital Connectivity Solutions for a wide range of professional and commercial display applications.  Their products solve the most challenging problems in digital video distribution by providing customers with the power and versatility they need to unify diverse AV signal environments.  Regardless of the complexity of your system, their mission is to deliver every pixel perfectly from source to destination.

DVIGear rigorously test and specify their products to provide definitive performance at the longest distances and highest resolutions possible.  However, their success is measured in customer satisfaction, not distance or data rates.  As a highly focused company, they offer fast, flexible and friendly service.  Their system engineers have over twenty years of AV industry experience and provide in-depth application support that will enable you to achieve the ultimate performance for all your digital display applications.


Power of the network for all your AV systems without compromising image quality or signal latency.  Use a single platform for all your AV needs: Matrix Switching, Video Wall Processing, MultiViewing, Point-to-Point Extension, Resolutions up to 4K, and Scaling. You can do it all with DisplayNet.

DisplayNet is an award-winning product family for AV distribution that leverages proven 10GbE Ethernet technology to switch, extend and distribute uncompressed AV signals in real time with resolutions up to 4K (UHD). DisplayNet is built on SDVoE technology and provides unmatched image quality with zero frame latency, zero compression, and zero artifacts.

DisplayNet 150-DN Series

Plus for DisplayNet 200-DN Series

Zero compression

Zero image artifacts

Zero frame latency

Open Platform Check Cost-Effective Switches

Extremely Flexible

Infinitely Scalable

HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, DP 1.2

High Speed USB 2.0

4K /60p (4:4:4) and 4K /60p HDR

Scaling and Fast Switching

Matrix, Video Wall, and MultiViewing

Fibre or Copper Transport

Powerful API and Software


These electronic devices enable the connection of multiple PC and HDTV sources to one or more displays.  These switchers use fast, state-of-the-art digital signal switching and are rugged, reliable and extremely easy to use.  The switchers can be controlled using a front panel input selector, or via a convenient IR remote control.  Other advanced models provide switching via an RS-232 serial control port or a LAN port.  For more complex applications, please refer to the powerful DisplayNet line of AV-over-10GbE products, which enable virtually limitless matrix switching arrays over standard off-the-shelf 10GbE Ethernet network switches.


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Some applications require a single PC or HDTV source to be routed to many displays.  DVIGear’s range of HDMI and DVI splitters (distribution amplifiers) deliver the perfect combination of high performance and ease-of-use.  A variety of models are available for PC and HDTV signal distribution applications.

In the digital world, the number one signal quality problem is excessive jitter.  Jitter can be caused by a wide range of factors and every component in the digital signal chain adds a certain amount of jitter to the signal.  In complex systems the resulting aggregate jitter can make the signal unusable.  To solve this problem, the digital signal must be fully "re-clocked" using a digital repeater.  These devices receive, de-serialize, buffer, re-serialize and then re-transmit the digital signal.  In doing so they can make a significant reduction in signal jitter and other degenerative effects intrinsic in long cables runs.  Repeaters can be used at the source side of long cable run to “clean-up” a noisy transmitter.  They can be used at the display side end of long cable, and they can be used in the middle of two long cables for increased range.  Unlike many competitive units, DVIGear’s range of DVI and HDMI Splitter / Repeaters fully re-clock the input signal, and offer independent re-clocked outputs.


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Cables and Extenders


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Copper Cable Extenders
There are many challenges to overcome when designing systems that require long DVI / HDMI cable runs.  These high-speed serial data formats operate at 10x (or higher) bit rates than corresponding analog signals.  The bit rates of these digital signals increase in direct proportion to their resolution and color depth.  As cable length increases, moving these high-speed bits over copper cables becomes increasingly difficult due to a variety of factors including: cable capacitance, inter-pair and intra-pair skew, crosstalk, differential impedance errors, group delay errors, etc.

In order to achieve successful digital cable runs, it is essential to use high-performance cables where these factors are minimized to the greatest extent possible.  This especially true with longer cables >50 ft. (15 meters) because these degenerative effects become worse as cable length increases.  Improvements in cable range are also possible using copper cable extender technologies, for which there are two (2) basic approaches:  HDBaseT™ Extenders and Active Cable Extenders (ACE™).



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HyperLight® Active Optical Cables
Many digital display applications can benefit from signal transport over fiber optic cables. This is especially true if longer cable distances are required, or if the cables must be plenum-rated, or detached and pulled through a narrow conduit. Optical cables also offer excellent immunity to environmental RFI/EMI fields and have a small electronic “footprint” in terms of radiated inference.

DVIGear's HyperLight® Series represents a new generation of advanced Active Optical Cables (AOC) that employ cutting edge technology to deliver unprecedented resolution, performance and value. Using plenum-rated plastic optical fibers (POF), these cables are lightweight and highly flexible yet robust and durable. HyperLight® cables are capable of supporting extremely high resolutions and data rates with cable lengths up to 100 meters (328.1 ft.)

For longer distances, our range of optical extenders can transverse distances of several miles and have provisions for detachable optical cables, which can be custom ordered with any length desired. Please contact DVIGear for more detailed information and a price quotation.


scaler converter

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Scalers / Converters
Converter/Scalers provide two essential functions. First, they convert the input signal from one format to another (e.g. analog VGA to digital HDMI). Second, they allow the user to select the resolution of the output signal for display on a flat screen display or projection system. In many cases the quality of the output signal from our Converter/Scalers will be better than what is possible using a direct input on the display because of the price/performance limitations of consumer scaling engines.

Format converter

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Format Converters
These products are similar to Converter / Scalers with the exception that they do not have a built-in scaling engine. Therefore resolution of the Output signal is always the same as the resolution of the input signal. These products are especially useful for interconnecting sources and displays that cannot be linked by means of a simple adapter.