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Mediastar is a leader in the design and manufacture of products for the IPTV / AVoIP, streaming and signage industries.

They build products that capture and encode your content and that allow you to store vital media assets for redistribution with iVOD as well as with wireless live streaming. Products that enable the display of all your media messages and information onto any kind of screen, tablet or phone.

All as a single coordinated system, under the secure control of MediaStar Media Manager.


Distributing rebroadcast TV and synchronised AV content over the Internet from a virtually unlimited number of channels provides organisations with a wealth of choice when it comes to what, where and when they consume content.

Whether it’s live digital terrestrial TV or satellite to broadcast stock market updates to dealing rooms, rolling news for corporate reception areas, or Powerpoint presentations to enhance video conferences, MediaStar IPTV enables organisations to deliver broadcasts on-demand or live, and gives them full control of the media environment.

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Media Management

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Players and Portals

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Media Encoders

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Media Gateways