New one stop signal management solution

We’ve joined with leading supplier of digital connectivity solutions DVIGear, and SDVoE partner NETGEAR to form a strategic partnership creating a solution that completes our AVoverIP/SDVOE offering.

DVIGear and NETGEAR join AVM partnership

DVIGear products solve the most challenging problems in digital video distribution by providing users with the power and versatility they need to unify diverse AV signal environments.  NETGEAR provides the network infrastructure that makes SDVoE deployment possible.

By partnering with DVIGear and NETGEAR and integrating with our existing partners we have created a full signal management offering that offers customer an end to end, no hassle solution.  Effectively, the customer provides a source of up to 4K resolution and our solution will transmit, switch and receive it seamlessly.

We will distribute the full DVIGear product range including DisplayNet, their award-winning AV distribution platform built on SDVoE technology and the HyperLight range of active optical cables.

With NETGEAR providing the networking backbone for AVoverIP deployments and our own audio visual specialist and technical support services we are now both better equipped to deliver fast, simpler and more cost effective AV installation into the market.

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