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SEADA Technology Limited is a UK based, world leading manufacturer of video wall display technology.

SEADA's mission is to offer the most innovative and cost effective solutions for our customers, in video wall controller applications. Working closely with our partners, including distributors and systems integrators, SEADA has systems installed worldwide.

SEADA offers a whole range of video wall controllers for different applications. These include; digital signage, command and control, security, education and many more.

SEADA is proud to be located in Birmingham, England, the birthplace of British Engineering. All our products are manufactured and tested at our UK facility. SEADA also offers technical support directly from our R&D team, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.


The G4K Pro standalone serial video wall controllers accept a single 4K input source and divides it across up to four displays, each with a resolution up to 1920×1200 @ 60Hz. Each output supports rotation of any degrees. Each output is also able to  crop the original input content arbitrarily. The resolution and frame rate of outputs can be upscaled and downscaled freely for all sorts of applications. In addition, whenever the input signal includes embedded audio, the G4K Pro is able to support audio output. This makes the G4K Pro the ideal solution for eye catching creative video walls, where audio is also required.

G4K Pro controllers can be easily configured via IP connection to a Windows based PC running management software. The Windows based software provides a user friendly GUI, greatly simplifying the system configuration. G4K Pro controllers are able to run standalone without the connection to the control PC, once configured.

G4K Pro controllers support all popular outputs, including LCD, DLP and LED displays with its perfect frame lock on all output channels, along with projectors for edge blending applications.

Fanless design

Custom pre-set layouts

HDCP Compliant

Unlimited daisy chain expansion

Up and down scaling

EDID management

Overlap and edgeblend support

Any degree of rotation supported