The DXN5000 family of video wall controllers from


Multi-display visualisation is an essential part of many supervision, control and digital signage applications, where real time operation and shared information are critical.

DEXON Systems has collected all the experience from the past 20 years of video wall production and the feedback of customers to design their new generation video wall controller family, the DXN5000. These units not only display Windows 10 compatible graphics windows but also process and display multiple analogue or digital, SD or HD, local or remote video inputs, 4K HDMI inputs, IP Cameras and display workstations' monitor images.


DXN5200 video wall controller family

Dexon DXN5200

DXN5400 video wall controller family

DXN 5400

DXN5500 video wall controller family with soft edge blending functionality


DXN5600 video wall controller family for IP stream visualisation